David’s Bridal vs. JLM Couture Mobile Website Experience (Graded Blog Entry)

David’s Bridal is the largest retail chain specializing in bridal gowns.  I expected David’s Bridal to provide a wonderful mobile website experience and they did not fail to disappoint.  When I first accessed the mobile version the website loaded very quickly.  The mobile version was categorized well so it was very easy to navigate dresses and narrow down your choices.  The mobile version had good quality photos with zoom features, information on the products, and even the choice to share products on social media websites.  In my experience with the mobile version I had access to almost all the features I would have access to on the normal version.  The mobile version provided user’s access to look up stores, find dresses, set up an appointment, look at special offers, and view rewards.  The only feature not available on the mobile version was “My Event” which is David’s Bridal wedding planner; instead the mobile version directed you to the normal website, which was still convenient.

David’s Bridal largest competitor according to Hoover company profiles is JLM Couture, INC.  JLM Couture sells bridal wear as well but they offer a wide range of designers at higher prices.  When I accessed the mobile website for JLM Couture I had to wait for the website to load it was definitely slower than David’s Bridal mobile website.  The mobile version offered a style search with fill in the blank boxes to search for dresses you wanted.  The mobile version offered a “Look Book” for each designer they sell and it was easy to navigate.  The mobile version provided good quality pictures with multiple views of the dresses, but limited information on the dresses, and no prices were given.  The mobile version was a lot like the normal version in terms of design but it did not have as many features as the normal version.  The mobile version only allowed users to look at dresses and find a store.  The normal version allowed users access to their news, blogs, trunk shows, stores, real weddings, and more.

In my opinion the David’s Bridal mobile website was better than JLM Couture’s mobile website.  David’s Bridal mobile website matched the traditional website in terms of design.  So the logo, button style, and colors all matched the traditional website.  There was no need to pinch on objects and that made it more convenient.  You did not need any special software for the mobile version.  And the mobile website allowed you to access the normal website.  For JLM Couture the mobile website matched the normal website in terms of design.  But the mobile website had small objects you had to pinch to view, too many texts entries, and it offered limited content.  All in all, I had an overall better experience with the David’s Bridal mobile website.



One thought on “David’s Bridal vs. JLM Couture Mobile Website Experience (Graded Blog Entry)

  1. Interesting comparison of the two sites. What do you think the main use of these mobile sites are? Are women purchasing dressing on their mobile devices or are they more geared toward visual appeal. You mentioned the photos size and zoom feature. What features on the mobile site do you think benefit the user the most?

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