Investigating David’s (Graded Blog)

After surveying the information on my consumer brand which is David’s Bridal on,, and I found some very interesting facts about the David’s Bridal website.  David’s Bridal is a major bridal gown retailer and many people visit this website regularly.  The David’s Bridal website ranks 3,342 in the United States and 12,163 globally.  According to the Quantcast and Compete reports there is a continual change in traffic throughout the year.  In March 2013 the website had 546,532 visitors as compared to June 2013 when the website had 373,998 visitors.  The change in site traffic can be linked to the fact that consumers purchase their gowns in earlier months like March so by June (top wedding month) consumers have already made their purchases.

The types of consumers using the David’s Bridal website are 50% males and 50% females.  They are also either have some college experience, are enrolled in college, or are enrolled in graduate school.  The primary browsing location is from school.   According to Quantcast the lifestyles of the consumers who visit the website include activities such as bridal, food, hotel/resorts, home furnishing, health new, banking, shopping engines, magazines, books, and home improvement.  75.4% of David’s Bridal visitors are from the U.S., but other countries that visit the website are Japan, India, China, and Canada.

David’s Bridal website has a 1.155second load time which is 67% faster than other sites.  A visitor daily time on the site is 6:57 and the daily page views per visitor is 9.8.  The bounce rate is 24.10% which means that most users don’t arrive at the site and immediately leave.  Visitors to the site had just recently come from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest, and Bing.  David’s Bridal is also linked to websites such as YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, EBay, and Pinterest. provided the most information on David’s and showed more graphs and information on the lifestyles of the visitors.  I think that Quantcast and Compete are there to just provide the general facts if you aren’t a subscribed member to their website. provided more free information without signing up.  I think that the information also varied because they are all using different measurements to test by.  For example had a completely different ranking method than the other websites.  They labeled the visitors as “Unique Visitors” and website traffic at 1,361,923.  Other than that this was a great research topic.  Alexa, Compete, and are wonderful websites to use and I will be using them again. I also enjoyed investigating the facts about one of my favorite websites.  Until next time.



5 thoughts on “Investigating David’s (Graded Blog)

  1. It’s amazing to see the amount of data that sites like alexa, compete, and quantcast can give marketers. I find it interesting and maybe even a little unnerving how specific the information about the site’s users can be. As far as where you were before you got to the site, how long you were on the site, and were you were physically located while viewing the site can be invaluable to marketers.

    • I know I was really shocked about how precise the data was. And the fact that these websites can track this is awesome and a great tool for marketers. But it does feel weird as the consumer to know your every move is recorded.

  2. Very interesting to know that in regards to gender, receives 50/50 male and female. I would however expect most of the visitors to be college educated but to see the main location for visitation from there guests to be at school surprises me. I mean I assume us college students would be focused more on school – Maybe a boy/girlfriend… but getting married? Looking up wedding dresses? I guess that’s why a site like this is a valuable tool for vital information that we would not have otherwise.

    • I agree it was interesting that males visited the website just as much as women. I would love to know what they are looking at specifically, more research in the works. And yes it was surprising to find the predominant users were college students. I must admit though I am apart of this

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