David’s Bridal Final Blog (Graded Blog Entry)

After exploring the David’s Bridal brand on Google AdWords I learned a lot about this website.  I learned about their most successful search terms, their best keywords, their average number of monthly searches, their month search patterns, the most expensive keywords, and what David’s Bridal has done with SEO.

David’s Bridal’s most successful search terms are bridal wedding, invitation, prom dresses, bridal gowns, bridesmaid, vera wang davids.  Their best keywords are davids bridals, davids bridal prom, davids bridal shoes, davids bridal invitations, davids bridal locations, davids bridal wedding dresses, davids bridal prom dresses, davids bridal bridesmaid, davids bridal hours.

David’s Bridal gets an average of 301,000 monthly searches in the United States.  In New Jersey they receive an average of 6,600 monthly searches.  January is when they have the most searches with an average of 450,000 searches a month. November is when they have the least searches with an average of 201,000 searches a month. May, June, July, and August they have a steady summer average of 301,000 searches a month.

David’s Bridal most expensive keywords are davids bridal nyc with a cost of $1.38 and davids bridal prom with a cost of $1.07.  The long tail keyword that I would use would be david bridal and wedding dress davids bridal because they are not as popular search terms but it is good because they have a lower cost of around .18cents.  The short tail keyword I would use is davids bridal, and davids bridal dresses because they are such popular search terms but have moderate pricing at around .47cents.

After reviewing David’s Bridal using the SEO Optimizer and Site Report Card tool I found out very interesting facts about the brand.  David’s Bridal receive good marks on their page title, Meta description, body content, internal links, and their social media signals.  They received bad marks on images with 45 images and 22 without ALT attribute and their external links.

After using the Site Report Card I learned David’s Bridal has a traffic rank of 15,785.  They received 10 out of 10 in link checks and spell checks.  They received 8 out of 10 in Meta tag checks and keyword checks.  They received 6 out of 10 for their html check and their overall rating was a 6.14 out of 10.  When searching David’s Bridal on Google 10,200,000 results are included.  And 255 results are included on Google for their link popularity.

I think that David’s Bridal can improve by changing their external links to be more effective to their users and they should also limit the number of external links they have to a maximum of 15.  They should also provide the ALT feature to all of their images.  Their load time check also had a very low mark of 1 out of 10 so they should seek to make their load time faster.  Other than that I think David’s Bridal has a very effective website.



David’s Bridal vs. JLM Couture Mobile Website Experience (Graded Blog Entry)

David’s Bridal is the largest retail chain specializing in bridal gowns.  I expected David’s Bridal to provide a wonderful mobile website experience and they did not fail to disappoint.  When I first accessed the mobile version the website loaded very quickly.  The mobile version was categorized well so it was very easy to navigate dresses and narrow down your choices.  The mobile version had good quality photos with zoom features, information on the products, and even the choice to share products on social media websites.  In my experience with the mobile version I had access to almost all the features I would have access to on the normal version.  The mobile version provided user’s access to look up stores, find dresses, set up an appointment, look at special offers, and view rewards.  The only feature not available on the mobile version was “My Event” which is David’s Bridal wedding planner; instead the mobile version directed you to the normal website, which was still convenient.

David’s Bridal largest competitor according to Hoover company profiles is JLM Couture, INC.  JLM Couture sells bridal wear as well but they offer a wide range of designers at higher prices.  When I accessed the mobile website for JLM Couture I had to wait for the website to load it was definitely slower than David’s Bridal mobile website.  The mobile version offered a style search with fill in the blank boxes to search for dresses you wanted.  The mobile version offered a “Look Book” for each designer they sell and it was easy to navigate.  The mobile version provided good quality pictures with multiple views of the dresses, but limited information on the dresses, and no prices were given.  The mobile version was a lot like the normal version in terms of design but it did not have as many features as the normal version.  The mobile version only allowed users to look at dresses and find a store.  The normal version allowed users access to their news, blogs, trunk shows, stores, real weddings, and more.

In my opinion the David’s Bridal mobile website was better than JLM Couture’s mobile website.  David’s Bridal mobile website matched the traditional website in terms of design.  So the logo, button style, and colors all matched the traditional website.  There was no need to pinch on objects and that made it more convenient.  You did not need any special software for the mobile version.  And the mobile website allowed you to access the normal website.  For JLM Couture the mobile website matched the normal website in terms of design.  But the mobile website had small objects you had to pinch to view, too many texts entries, and it offered limited content.  All in all, I had an overall better experience with the David’s Bridal mobile website.


Brand Channels (Graded Blog Entry)

David’s Bridal Brand Channel

  • Video 1: Introducing Melissa Sweet for David’s Bridal– In this video David’s Bridal showcased the new wedding dresses that were to be sold at David’s Bridal for the spring 2013 collection.  The dresses were designed by a famous wedding dress designer called Melissa Sweet.  This video is definitely a video advertisement.  It was an effective marketing technique. When I watched it the video immediately captured my attention with the calming music and showcased the new collection elegantly all within two minutes.  The goal of this video was to inform David’s Bridal consumers that this very popular brand of dresses would be sold at David’s Bridal in a short and sweet way.  This video was intended to introduce the brand and hopefully increase consumer purchases.  Now that consumers are aware they get these dresses at their local David’s Bridal instead of a high end retailer they will be more inclined to make their dress purchase at David’s Bridal.  The good thing about this video is David’s Bridal is able to convey their message in this quick video advertisement.  The bad thing about this video is it may be too short to actually look at the dresses being offered.  Consumers only get a quick glance and it may not be enough time for them to make a purchase strictly from watching the advertisement. 


  • Video 2: Social Media Etiquette at Weddings– During this video a wedding consultant at David’s Bridal discussed how social media can actually ruin a person’s wedding when guest decide to post pictures of the wedding before the bride and groom get a chance.  This video gave tips on how to politely share pictures and videos from the wedding.  The video mentioned waiting until the bride and groom present a wedding hashtag that guest can use so the bride and groom can track the pictures and videos put on social media websites.  The video also mentioned turning off your phone during the wedding.  After watching this video I believe it is a video blog.  This video was very informative and presented the point very straightforwardly.  It was easy to understand, fewer than two minutes, and used on screen words to present the tips.  The purpose of this video was just to inform users of the brand some basic tips that can be useful for them at their next wedding they attend.  It goes along with the David’s Bridal brand, which are weddings.  The good thing about this video is the information is very relevant to the times and users can learn quick tips.  The bad thing about this video is the information was given in “reporter” format and the wedding consultant giving the information didn’t have much personality which is important to keep user’s attention.  But because it was a video on a good topic I think people will watch the whole video anyway.    


  • Video 3:  Behind the  Scenes: White by Vera Wang Fall 2013–  During this video a model showed various dresses from the new Vera Wang line for this season.  Although the video is a described as a behind the scenes look there was no one talking or providing information about the new line.  It was basically clips of the model posing in different dresses on a yacht in the middle of the water.  There was music in the video that made it very dramatic but it was definitely not a behind the scenes look.  In my opinion this video was another video advertisement labeled in a different way.  It was almost identical to the first video I watched and was actually very entertaining.  The sole purpose of this video was again to increase consumer purchases by displaying the new Vera Wang line in this short advertisement.  The good thing about this video was the scene in the background and the music made me want to keep watching. The bad thing is I expected to get the designers opinion on the line and receive more information than an advertisement.

Out of these three videos the best video was the last video.  It was a great advertisement, the quality of the video was amazing, and the dresses were displayed in beautiful way.  If customers are looking to purchase one of these dresses they will be enticed by this advertisement.  The overall objectives of the David’s Bridal brand channel are to provide promotional advertisements about the products they are selling in their stores or online.  The brand channel is a way to encourage consumers to further their steps in the buying process by showcasing their collection and offering information about their products.  By creating a brand channel millions of users have access to this content and it can increase consumer purchases. 

Men’s Wearhouse Brand Channel

  • Video 4: Men’s Wearhouse Story-Whatever Suits You– This video gave the story of what Men’s Wearhouse is all about.  They walked through the store and talked about all the products they offer at Men’s Wearhouse and why they offer them. The music included was light background music and the sales representative was still able to talk over it.   I would classify this video as tour.  They gave a complete tour of the various sections of the store and promoted the brand as well. The goal of this video was to reach out to users about what the Men’s Wearhouse store is all about.  Many consumers believe this store only sells suits but they actually sell a lot of casual clothes and shoes (this was mentioned in the video).  The video was designed to tell a story and encourage consumers to visit their stores.  The good thing about this video is it was very informative, and it debunked myths I had about the brand.  The bad thing about the video is they didn’t provide any background information on the actual brand history it just provided a story on the products they sell; this was a little misleading in the title. 


  • Video 5:  Men’s Wearhouse Commercial-The Walk of Fame- In this video there was a man walking down the street and as he walked down the street he changed into different men.  Each man was dressed differently and more mature each time.  At the end of the video the narrator said, “Men’s Wearhouse, helping men dress like gentlemen.” This was a video advertisement/ commercial.  The goal of this video was to promote their brand and define their brand within this short video.  This video told a simple story and it was entertaining.  The good thing about this video is it was engaging and had good content.  The target markets they are trying to reach are clearly demonstrated within this commercial.  I don’t think there was anything bad about this video, I enjoyed it.


  • Video 6: How to Tie a Tie– In this video it gave basic instructions on how to tie a tie properly.  The video gave three types of ways to tie the tie based on popularity.  It was a straightforward and simple video.  I would describe this video as screen cast video.  The purpose of this video was to provide a clear, quick, and simple how-to video on a very common topic.  The video is just a way for consumers to visit the channel and be informed on something they will need to learn someday.  I think the whole purpose was just to educate users.  The good thing about this video is it was very informative and provided relevant content.  The video was of good quality and went at a steady pace.  The bad thing about the video is it provided a little too much information. They provided three ways to tie a tie and it was a lot to interpret and understand within the length of the video.

The best video I watched was the video advertisement/commercial.   Within the length of the commercial I learned exactly who Men’s Wearhouse was targeting and it was very entertaining.  The objectives of the brand channel I believe is to promote the brand and give users good content they can keep returning to the channel for.  I think that this brand channel is more about attracting loyal customers than just making sales.  They really want customers to understand their brand and what it is all about.  

Investigating David’s Bridal.com (Graded Blog)

After surveying the information on my consumer brand which is David’s Bridal on Alexa.com, Compete.com, and Quantcast.com I found some very interesting facts about the David’s Bridal website.  David’s Bridal is a major bridal gown retailer and many people visit this website regularly.  The David’s Bridal website ranks 3,342 in the United States and 12,163 globally.  According to the Quantcast and Compete reports there is a continual change in traffic throughout the year.  In March 2013 the website had 546,532 visitors as compared to June 2013 when the website had 373,998 visitors.  The change in site traffic can be linked to the fact that consumers purchase their gowns in earlier months like March so by June (top wedding month) consumers have already made their purchases.

The types of consumers using the David’s Bridal website are 50% males and 50% females.  They are also either have some college experience, are enrolled in college, or are enrolled in graduate school.  The primary browsing location is from school.   According to Quantcast the lifestyles of the consumers who visit the website include activities such as bridal, food, hotel/resorts, home furnishing, health new, banking, shopping engines, magazines, books, and home improvement.  75.4% of David’s Bridal visitors are from the U.S., but other countries that visit the website are Japan, India, China, and Canada.

David’s Bridal website has a 1.155second load time which is 67% faster than other sites.  A visitor daily time on the site is 6:57 and the daily page views per visitor is 9.8.  The bounce rate is 24.10% which means that most users don’t arrive at the site and immediately leave.  Visitors to the site had just recently come from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Pinterest, and Bing.  David’s Bridal is also linked to websites such as YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, EBay, and Pinterest.

Alexa.com provided the most information on David’s Bridal.com.   Quantcast.com and Compete.com showed more graphs and information on the lifestyles of the visitors.  I think that Quantcast and Compete are there to just provide the general facts if you aren’t a subscribed member to their website.  Alexa.com provided more free information without signing up.  I think that the information also varied because they are all using different measurements to test by.  For example Compete.com had a completely different ranking method than the other websites.  They labeled the visitors as “Unique Visitors” and website traffic at 1,361,923.  Other than that this was a great research topic.  Alexa, Compete, and Quancast.com are wonderful websites to use and I will be using them again. I also enjoyed investigating the facts about one of my favorite websites.  Until next time.


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